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196 Banners And 12 FHGs Have Been Added! March 13, 2013
Hello all,
Peakbucks is finally churning out some promo materials! I have added 196 new banners, static & animated (no flash yet - sorry) to promote the sites.

Also, 11 and 1 hybrid FHGs have been added. I plan on rolling out another 10 or so galleries for each of the ten sites.
These FHGs feature 1 1-1.5min long flash video with mobile compatibility and 8 matching screen caps plus title and description.

The fields available to you in the FHG dump list are as follow:
URL|NAME|DESCRIPTION|# CLIPS|MODELS (seperated by comma)|Thumbnail (350x200)|Very Long Description

This can all be access within the Peakbucks Adtool affiliate area.

These FHGs feature content which is top converting and also featured on the tour to maximize sales and relevancy.

And again, thanks for being a affiliate!