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peakbucks ニュース

Introducing New Jerk Off Instruction (JOI) Network - Jerking Instruction - September 6, 2014
Finally time for some new sites at Peakbucks! We've taken one of our top converting niches, Jerk Off Instruction, also know as JOI, and made a second network focused on it.

The... 続ける...
Peakbucks now features nearly 400 hosted tube videos - August 21, 2013
Peakbucks is proud to announce that we now offer nearly 400 2-3 min promo videos for affiliate promotion. They are available hosted (save your bandwidth, use ours!), downloadable, and in hybrid... 続ける...
7 New Sites Launched! - July 5, 2013
Hello all.

Peakbucks is proud to expand its current offerings by adding 7 new sites!

Femdom Craze - Femdom POV Mega Site
Ballbusting POV - Ballbusting, Ball... 続ける...
210 new banners added - May 20, 2013
Peakbucks finished adding all new animated and static banners. 210 total, animated, static, hardcore, softcore, non nude, etc etc

Also the 5 newest sites now have banners! Message... 続ける...
90 Downloadable & Hotlinkable videos added - May 20, 2013
Howdy Peakbucks Affiliates!

Peakbucks now offers 90 downloadable and hotlinkable videos for promotion. Either download and host yourself or use our bandwidth for free!

... 続ける...
5 New Sites Launched! - May 16, 2013
Peakbucks is proud to announce that it has launched 5 new micro niche sites.

Bossy - Findoms, Financial Domination
Giantess - Giantess, Size... 続ける...
78 New FHGS Have Been Added - March 18, 2013
Today I added 78 new hybrid FHGs. These offer a 1-1.5 min video (approx) plus 8 screen caps and a long description.

Now each Peakbucks site has 10 FHGs to promote. Go wild!
196 Banners And 12 FHGs Have Been Added! - March 13, 2013
Hello all,
Peakbucks is finally churning out some promo materials! I have added 196 new banners, static & animated (no flash yet - sorry) to promote the sites.

Also, 11... 続ける...
Last 30 Days Ratios At Peakbucks - March 13, 2013
Hi all.

I just wanted to post the average conversion ratios for the last 30 days of the sites. This list is ordered by traffic received, so the first site on the list... 続ける... and Launched - February 21, 2013 is proud to announce the launch of two new sites. (Masturbation Instruction Niche) (Foot Worship & Foot Fetish Niche)